The president’s national initiative for human rights has been widely welcomed by the working class

الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي

Al-Maraghi .. The initiative is setting out the principles and building the new republic.

Translated by: Noha Fahmy

Egyptian workers and their trade union organizations in all production and service work sites welcomed the historic national initiative for human rights launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi yesterday.They said that the initiative, as expected of all the president’s initiatives and decisions, is aiming at achieving social,economic, and political stability. It is considered as a motive for us to continue working and giving for the sake of our beloved country.

Jebali El-Maraghi, president of Egyptian Trade Union Federation, stressed that the national initiative for human rights has come to set out the principles and values ​​that the great people of Egypt have followed since the start of the glorious 30 June revolution, which aimed to fight all terrorist acts and uproot them from their roots. The national strategy for human rights that the president launched is an essential step on the path to stability, and it is a strong motivation for the honorable Egyptian workers and their trade union organizations towards the desired civilized progress at all levels.

Al-Maraghi indicated in press statements that the patriotic sense of Egyptian workers make them aware of the sincere efforts and constructive outlook of the president and his constant and intense desire to provide security and safety in a way that enhances communication and cohesion between society and the spread of values ​​of citizenship and tolerance.In addition to his concern to fight false allegations and incitement to violence. Al Marghi stressed that the national strategy for human rights is a serious and effective step, as President Sisi mentioned, towards the new republic based on consolidating citizenship rights and ensuring equality between the people of the country in rights and duties.

Al-Maraghi appealed to all workers to exert efforts and spread the values ​​of citizenship and tolerance and combat terrorist acts and incitement to violence, stressing the dissemination of the culture of developmental work in order to assure the greatness of this historic initiative as one of the pillars of the promising new republic, God Almighty.